Hormones for Men

Testosterone Deficiency is associated with fatigue, depression, diminished motivation, low sex drive, inability to sustain an erection, obesity, and difficulty losing weight.

Testosterone is FDA approved to treat hypogonadism, which is diagnosed by having at least two testosterone lab values that are considered low (less than 300). Often men will feel the effects of low testosterone without ever having testosterone lower than 300. 

Testosterone can be used in addition to psychiatric intervention, or as monotherapy when traditional psychiatric treatments are ineffective or not tolerated.

We use testosterone to treat depression and sexual dysfunction off-label, as these symptoms are likely attributed to suboptimal testosterone levels. 

We use intramuscular Testosterone Cypionate that can be administered in-office or clients can be educated as to how to use it at home. Transdermal testosterone can also be used. Restored does not do testosterone pellets at this time.

Other commonly used hormones optimized depending on assessment and clinical presentation:



Vitamin D