Gender Affirmation

Hormonal Gender Affirmation therapy uses hormones to help people physically look and feel consistent with who they are the inside.
Treatment can either feminize or masculinize according to gender.

Masculinization therapy involves testosterone replacement. Testosterone levels will be raised to ranges consistent with male levels. Anticipated effects are increased facial hair/body hair, increased muscular development, and deepening of voice.

Masculinizing treatment starts at $90/month and includes initial assessment, follow up appointments, testosterone injections, injections supplies, and lab tests.

Other medication can be used for additional costs. Call now for an individualized quote.

Feminizing therapy involves using testosterone blockers and estradiol. The goal is to decrease testosterone and increase estradiol levels to begin to have feminizing physical effects. Physical effects include breast development, fat redistribution, skin softening and decreased testicular volume.

Feminizing treatment starts at $79/ mo and includes oral estradiol and a testosterone blocker (like spironolactone). Injectable or topical estradiol are available but are a little bit more expensive. Bicalutamide can also be used instead of spironolactone for adjusted rate. Other medications can also be considered, call today for an individualized quote.