Nicholas Goodwin is a nurse practitioner licensed in Washington state. He received his Doctorate in Nursing Practice from WSU in 2018 and is certified as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner by the ANCC. Dr. Goodwin has also received a certification from World link for hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Goodwin worked as a psychiatric nurse in state hospitals for five years before becoming a nurse practitioner.

During his experience working in mental health, he saw how complex mental illnesses are, and saw a large group of people who either did not see adequate relief with psychotropics or could not tolerate them. Because of this, he has branched out to offer alternative, effective, and tolerable methods to treat and prevent psychiatric disorders. Dr. Goodwin has become passionate about hormones because it seems to address the mental health symptoms at its source, especially in individuals with other hormone-related health issues or suboptimal lab values. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hormones are signaling molecules that are sent throughout the body to regulate functions. Hormones are essential for health, including development, bone health, cardiac health, cognitive health, sexual health, and reproductive health. As people age hormones tend to decrease often being associated with various health issues and deterioration. Replacing hormones can restore health and prevent future health risks.

Hormone deficiency is when the lab value for that hormone is low. But because lab value ranges were established based on an average, many people with “normal” hormone levels feel all of the negative effects of hormone deficiency.

With hormone optimization lab values are reviewed but in the context of full symptom history. And hormones are used (often off-label) to treat conditions of suboptimal hormonal levels. Often the goal of treatment is to raise hormone levels to the upper range of normal, or until symptoms of deficiency are resolved.

Fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, low sex drive, inability to have or sustain an erection, cognitive decline, obesity, Night sweats and inability to lose weight.

Future clients of restored can be seen online from their homes as long as they are in Washington state or in-office in Spokane Washington. 

In order to prescribe testosterone, an initial in-person assessment must be done. (but additional appointments can be done online)

New consent paperwork and history paperwork will be emailed or mailed to you to submit prior to your first visit.

Women who are 40 years or older that are interested in estradiol or progesterone treatment will need to have a mammogram done prior to starting these hormones. Results of a mammogram should be faxed to 509 // 519 // 4291, emailed, or brought with you on your first appt. 

Restored does not take insurance. Depending on treatment options being recommended will determine the membership price. Membership includes assessments, communication, labs and hormones. 

Restored uses membership and monthly pricing, and does not offer per visit rates. If treatment is not recommended after the first appt, a one time fee for initial assessment will be charged.